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From Crow-Scaring To Westminster; An Autobiography

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Chapter 1220 – Venusian Dungeon underwear dinner
The aluminum sculpture was brilliant gold in color and looked very bizarre. It turned out much like a significant individual donning modern metallic armor. Having said that, he was sure that there was no human being within. It had been a 100 % pure metal statue.
“That’s genuine.” Hui Haifeng chuckled.
“Where have you ever been within the past 5yrs?” Hui Haifeng required Zhou Wen.
“What’s occurring between you and Gu Dian?” Zhou Wen expected.
Hui Haifeng obtained Zhou Wen to be and wait around for him to come back for lunch.
“Sort of. Time pa.s.sed very slowly in the place where I had been stuck. It believed like greater than a 100 years acquired pa.s.sed,” Zhou Wen reported
Hui Haifeng said jealously, “Teacher really dotes upon you one of the most. 5yrs to obtain a 100 years. When I obtained a lot time, I may have even designed a Calamity-grade dimensional serum.”
“It’s only time for your intellect. Your whole body cannot even transfer. Exactly what can you exploration?” Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless.
The bullets. .h.i.t the wall and some of them struck the Metallic Guards, yet they quickly dissolved into the surfaces or even the Metal Guards. They didn’t harm them selves.
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Bone Painting Coroner (Web Novel CN)
“Of training, I also want to see what it’s want to take a position for the optimum of the planet,” Hui Haifeng chuckled and extended.
Immediately after carving out Clown Mask, Zhou Wen utilized teleportation to go in. He succeeded. The scene facing him transformed as the bloodstream-colored avatar identified itself into the hemispherical aluminum setting up.
The bullets. .h.i.t the wall surface and many of them attack the Stainless steel Guards, yet they quickly dissolved into the walls or perhaps the Stainless steel Guards. They didn’t damage themselves.
Conservation Through Engineering
‘Killed Mythical being, Stainless steel Secure. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.’
Each of these chatted about some issues, but they didn’t chitchat for too long. Hui Haifeng was only too occupied. Shortly, he was required to depart to take care of some things.
Just after tapping open the Venusian occasion dungeon, the blood-shaded avatar quickly appeared on top software of the hemispherical metallic setting up. It was subsequently very likely the entry on the aluminum building, but it didn’t start.
Employing Human being Sovereign’s energy, he attempt to forcefully burst throughout the entry, but he been unsuccessful. The precious metal setting up was unimaginably difficult. Also a Terror-grade electrical power couldn’t harm it.
Hui Haifeng got Zhou Wen to stay in and watch for him to return for lunch.
Within his left-hand, he was actually grasping a weapon. Regardless of how he checked out it, the weapon appeared for instance a submachine rifle but it really appeared a lot more technologically enhanced. The human body of your pistol had also been vibrant silver aluminum.
“In just five years, you became the Federation Director. Amazing,” Zhou Wen mentioned.
He attempted making use of Fact Listener and Eye of Penetration, but he did not see that which was transpiring in the metallic developing.
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Below the entry ways was really a hexagonal space. During the space withstood metallic statue which had been four to five m high.
“In just several years, you had become the Federation Director. Remarkable,” Zhou Wen explained.
Hui Haifeng said jealously, “Teacher really dotes on you essentially the most. 5yrs to get a century. Basically If I had a whole lot time, I may have even designed a Calamity-standard dimensional serum.”
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Equally as Zhou Wen was preparation what to do with the odd metal sculpture, its sight suddenly lit up with a glowing light.
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Press! Click on!
A Durability Crystal lowered. Ahead of Zhou Wen could pick it up, a front door sprang out on each one of the six wall space from the hexagonal home. A large number of Precious metal Guards rushed along with firearms at hand.

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