novel Unrivaled Medicine God novel – Chapter 2492 – What Are You Scared Of? fertile spare suggest-p3

Boskerfiction – Chapter 2492 – What Are You Scared Of? violent wood propose-p3
Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2492 – What Are You Scared Of? honey bitter
Ye Yuan flew backward once again!
Zhang Zhen smiled and said,
Only then performed Lin Chaotian know that he were tricked!
This sort of hazard even surpa.s.sed the divine competition!
Lin Chaotian smiled faintly. His smugness was practically exuding.
Unrivaled Medicine God
Last time, he was sickly-prepared.
Lin Chaotian aimed a finger out, Pang Zhen’s two legs directly exploded into nothingness.
The biggest Dao Ancestor failed to derive from bragging!
They understood that Ye Yuan already had the energy to challenge Lin Chaotian at this time.
Ye Yuan frowned. He failed to develop a noise from continue to conclude.
Ye Yuan’s students restricted and the man shouted coldly, “Lin Chaotian, you are courting loss!”
Ye Yuan’s prospective was limitless!
… indeed deserving to be Lord Saint Azure, definitely protected from reaches! Your divine soul cannot be wiped out, in case this ancestor eradicates your physiological physique, then I ponder if you can still split the shackles or perhaps not?”
“Tsk tsk,
When Lin Chaotian listened to that, he laughed loudly and claimed, “Yeah, beat again! Why aren’t you fighting back, Lord Saint Azure? Deal with backside!”
Is that so?”
“My Lord Saint Azure!, You are also simply this!”
One simply had to know, he was without the slightest protection, relying entirely on his real entire body to forcibly resist two palms!
Whilst talking, Lin Chaotian’s body moved swiftly, an additional palm imprinting onto Ye Yuan’s chest.
“You dare to bar?” Lin Chaotian was all smiles since he reported.

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